Gas & Diesel Generator

We provide top notch Gas, Diesel Generators within the range of 30KW to 1850KW. These generators are designed with superior quality, unsurpassed reliability and greater durability that allow for their ease of serviceability, reputability. This unrivaled quality is coupled with our outstanding 365X24/7 product support and service.


Marine Engine & Spare Parts

If you are looking for New/Re-condition Marine Main Engine & its major spare parts then we can provide the best new and re-condition Main Engine for marine/ship’s. We export/supply not only New but also Re-condition ship spare parts all over the world. Main Engine & Auxiliary Engine spares is major thing we deal in.


Maintance Service

Hundred of skilled engineers and service personnel work relentlessly round the clock to provide support to the wide range of machines, engines and equipment all across the country. Because we value “Customer Success and Satisfaction”, we provide unparalleled nationwide product and service support through our 24/7 Service.



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